Nonprofits face unique challenges when communicating their impact to donors. We all work daily to ensure we’re honoring those we serve while also accurately and powerfully conveying the value of our work to our community. Intentional, purposeful communications takes time.

You have a mission in mind. You’ve drawn up your bylaws and values, you understand your business model and what you’re trying to achieve, you have a few people working on the internal team and there are a handful of trusted advisors acting as your board.

On the heels of celebrating Labor Day, don’t forget to include yourself as a fundraiser. What you do as a fundraiser brings quality education to inner-city students that need it most. It improves a local animal shelter, where pet adoptions give animals a second chance and make families whole.

The three dreaded words for grant officers, “Do not apply — DNA.” They appear on private foundation profiles more often these days than ever before. Most annoying is that the funder seems particularly aligned with your mission. “If I could only get close to them, I would know the perfect thing to say,” you tell your CEO.

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