Jeb Banner

Jeb Banner

Jeb Banner is the founder and CEO of Boardable, a nonprofit board management software provider. He is also the founder of two nonprofits, The Speak Easy and Musical Family Tree, as well as a board member of United Way Central Indiana and ProAct. Jeb is based in Indianapolis, Ind.

Boardable is an online board management portal that centralizes communication, document storage, meeting planning and everything else that goes into running a board of directors.

A How-To Guide for Nonprofit Board Engagement

Effective nonprofit board management is about more than To-Do lists or getting through an agenda. You need to be able to communicate effectively, to let your board know what your organization expects from them and, above all, respect your members’ time and service...

Board Member Engagement Increases Corporate Sponsorships

Nonprofit board members should always be looking for opportunities to help fundraise. To be sustainable, the nonprofit needs every member of the board involved in your development efforts. One excellent place to start is securing corporate sponsors...

Exceptional Board Members, Clear Expectations

It’s a typical scenario. Your freshman board members start with enthusiasm, but once the initial excitement of being part of your organization fades, they begin to lack follow-through or initiative...