Rod Arnold

Rod Arnold

Rod Arnold is the founder of Leading Good. As the former chief operating officer of charity: water, Rod helped lead the young organization through a period of tremendous growth. Now he helps other nonprofits grow by applying principles and strategies that are proven to work.

Supercharge Your Monthly Giving: 3 Keys to Success 

Monthly giving is the holy grail of fundraising, but many nonprofit leaders are frustrated when their programs are stagnant and not growing faster. So, how do you elevate your monthly giving program to its full potential?

Your Biggest Year-End Giving Season Starts Now

Can you believe it’s almost over?! The end of summer means school is back in session and cooler weather is on the way. And for nonprofits, it also means something else: Year-end giving season is just a few months away!...

3 Secret Storytelling Ingredients to a Irresistible Nonprofit

What is it that makes some nonprofits seem simply irresistible? And how can you harness that energy for your organization? If you look closely, you’ll see there are a few key ingredients they seem to have in common. And these ingredients really have to do with their storytelling...

Find Your Voice. Grow Your Nonprofit.

Our lives are full of noise. We’re bombarded by messages designed to interrupt and grab our attention. Here are three keys to help you find your voice and communicate with power, so that your message will resonate with donors...

3 Ways You Confuse Potential Donors

Quick question: How do you feel about your marketing and fundraising? Do you feel like everything is going as well as possible? Are you hitting your goals? Bringing in potential donors?

6 Things Nonprofit Donors Want

As a leader, attracting new nonprofit donors and keeping them engaged is essential to your success. But what makes donors tick? And what do they really want from you?...

Inbound Marketing 101 for Nonprofits

The best nonprofit organizations develop and execute their marketing plan with the same level of rigor as any for-profit brand. At the end of the day, we are ultimately trying to sell our cause to people, get them to engage with us, donate to our work and then advocate for our organization...