Erica Waasdorp

Erica Waasdorp

Erica Waasdorp is one of the leading experts on monthly giving. She is the president of A Direct Solution, a company serving nonprofit organizations with fundraising and direct marketing needs, with a focus on monthly giving and appeals. She authored “Monthly Giving: The Sleeping Giant” and “Monthly Giving Made Easy.” She regularly blogs and presents on fundraising, appeals and monthly giving — in person and through webinars. She is happy to answer any questions you may have about this great way of improving retention rates for your donors.

Erica has over 30 years of experience in nonprofits and direct response. She helped the nonprofits she works with raise millions of dollars through monthly giving programs. She is also very actively supports organizations with annual fund planning and execution, ranging from copywriting, creative, lists, print and mail execution.

When she’s not working or writing, Erica can be found on the golf course (she’s a straight shooter) or quietly reading a book. And if there’s an event with a live band, she and her husband, Patrick, can be found on the dance floor. She also loves watching British drama on PBS. Erica and Patrick have two step sons and a cat, Mientje.

Recurring Extra Gift and Upgrade Best Practices

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10 Things I Learned From 30 Years in Sustainer Giving, Part 1

Since 2015, so much has changed that it's making sustainer giving much easier for donors and nonprofits. Payment platforms; donor database; smartphones; and growth in email, social media and other channels have made a huge impact.

Add a Monthly Gift Ask to Your Welcome Email Series

Can we finally bury that myth that you can’t ask too soon?  Research proves it’s just a myth. To improve retention, you simply must get that second gift from your donor as soon as possible. Those organizations that do that are ahead of the curve.

How Are Recurring Donors Doing in This Economy?

Remember, in a down economy, recurring gifts may be the best way for donors to continue their support as they can afford smaller gifts. Donors want to continue to help. The more you do to let them know this is an option, the more donors will consider it.