F. Duke Haddad

F. Duke Haddad

Duke has extensive experience as a nonprofit practitioner, author, lecturer and consultant. He has been a contributing author to NonProfit PRO for the last 11 years. He has been a long-standing member of the Association of Fundraising Professionals where he was previously named the AFP Indiana Chapter Fundraising Executive of the Year and has held the CFRE designation for many years.

He received his doctorate degree from West Virginia University with an emphasis in education administration, master’s degree from Marshall University with an emphasis in public administration and a bachelor’s degree from West Virginia University with an emphasis in marketing/management. He has also completed post graduate work at the University of Louisville.

He is currently executive director of development for The Salvation Army Indiana Division in Indianapolis, IN plus Adjunct Professor for Olivet Nazarene University. Contact Duke at dhaddad324@gmail.com or 317-224-1029. 

The Importance of Focusing on Your Best Prospects

How many of us sit down each day at work to a cup of coffee and review endless lists of potential prospect names? These names could be potential fundraising prospects — or not. You gather prospect information from a variety of sources and get very excited about their potential.

Have Any of Your Donors Hit ‘for the Cycle’?

If you have ever played baseball, you would be familiar with the term “cycle.” The cycle is hitting for a single, double, triple and home run. These hits allow the hitter to end up at first base, second base, third base or home plate, respectively.

The Dog Days of Summer

How is your summer going? Some of us are now taking a large amount of time off and enjoying life. For others, it continues to be the same old grind but a bit more frustrating. It is harder to secure private meetings or group meetings. Everyone is coming or going, and it is hard to settle down.

Understand the Difference Between Theory and Practice

I have always preached the importance of learning theory and applying it in practice. The first day in my first development position at the University of Louisville, I felt I had neither theory nor practice influencing me.

Does Your Nonprofit Board Have Term Limits?

One of the many activities that I have been asked to perform over the years is board training. Whether it is a governing board or advisory board, every nonprofit board needs structure and guidelines to follow. Recently, I was asked for board advice by a new CEO of a nonprofit.

The Charitable Deduction Odyssey

Individual income tax deduction for charitable giving provides a substantial incentive to give by reducing the economic cost of donating. In 2018, charitable giving by individuals was estimated to reach $299 billion at an annual revenue loss of around $44 billion...

Do You Have a Crystal Ball?

I always believe in studying the past and present of a subject to obtain objective theories and practices. By this application of study, one is better prepared to interpret subject matter. In addition to the past and present, it is also important to examine the possible future of a subject...

What Is Your Nonprofit Career Story?

What is your nonprofit career story? It seems that every week someone contacts me through various vehicles and asks for a career advice meeting. I enjoy helping others and always seek to answer their questions...

How a Camp Experience Improved My Focus for Solicitation

I am currently engaged in a silent phase campaign to raise dollars for several Salvation Army priorities in Indiana. One such priority is through solicitation by acquiring funds to build new cottages for a camp in Southern Indiana...

Webinars Are a Great Educational Resource

How many of you enjoy learning, especially if it is free? In this day and age, you have a great deal of opportunities for free learning, including webinars. My question to you is: Do you take advantage of these opportunities?...

Give Internal Candidates a Chance for Promotion

Several years ago, I worked for an organization as the No. 2 manager. I had an excellent performance record. I was loyal and did everything I could to promote the organization. My boss retired, and the organization decided to spend $60,000 on hiring a national search firm to secure his replacement...

Employee Retention During Low Nonprofit Unemployment—A Mandatory Focus

When low nonprofit employment occurs, it hurts when employees resign, because it may take longer than usual to fill positions if you are fortunate enough to do so. Many employees use low unemployment as a leverage within their current jobs. Since the cost of replacing employees is very high, employers must brace themselves for the current new reality...

The Importance of Nonprofit Recruiting

I have done my fair share of nonprofit recruiting and have hired a number of individuals through my long career. Each search was unique and, at times, tested my patience. Ideally, you want to keep good employees, but cannot always achieve this goal for a variety of reasons...

The Music Impact on Charitable Causes

I love to listen to music. I typically start the day with classical music to place my mind in a daily rhythm. On visits during the day, I will listen to music from a variety of decades. It all depends on my mood. Recently, I was thinking about music impact on philanthropy...

What Is the Fundraising Cycle?

We have seen what the fundraising cycle is and how to succeed using this cycle. We also need to understand the fact that the fundraising cycle is not static but dynamic. This cycle changes over time and you must determine when cycle elements change...