Randall Anderson

Randall Anderson

Randall Anderson is the Chief Operations Officer of Listen Up Español, a leading bilingual call center. In his position, Randall uses his extensive experience in DRTV fundraising and call center operations to help nonprofit organizations reach out to the U.S. Hispanic market. In his spare time he enjoys golf, classical chorus, basketball, boating and travel.

What’s the Buzz About Hispanic Heritage Month?

Hispanic Heritage Month began Sept. 15, and I bet you have seen ads, social media posts, news stories and more talking about it. For those of you who have not yet considered doing outreach or fundraising campaigns geared toward the U.S. Hispanic market, here is some information that might encourage you....

What Not to Do During Your Hispanic Outreach

A certain wealthy politician—whose name I won’t mention simply to avoid being part of the hype—has grabbed the attention of media with his hostile statements toward and about Mexicans. Although there are strong indicators showing the impact of his shocking statements among the Hispanic community, it’s still to be seen how much his position regarding immigrants can and will backfire ...