Mazarine Treyz

Mazarine Treyz
10 Tips for Motivating Corporate Volunteers

The worst thing any nonprofit organization can do to its volunteers is to give them meaningless tasks. Volunteers, especially corporate volunteers, want to make a difference with their time. Here are 10 ways to motivate corporate volunteers.

The Latest Lowdown on Government Money

Does your organization receive government funding? Or are you at least considering it? The federal government is increasingly stepping away from providing human services like elder care, and instead it is calling for nonprofits to take up the services slack.

So, You've Got a Lot of Facebook Friends. Now What?

Are you spending a lot of time on social media for your nonprofit and just kind of hoping it pays off? When it comes to converting social-media friends to donors, people often get it wrong.

So ... You're a Fundraiser!

he first three months are crucial in a new job. You are under intense scrutiny to perform, especiall