Wanda Urbanska

Wanda Urbanska

Wanda Urbanska is a performance consultant at Crouch & Associates, a nonprofit coaching firm serving clients across the U.S. Urbanska is also an author of 37 books, former host of an award-winning PBS television show, “The Simple Life,” and a corporate social responsibility guru.

She is also heading an American-based philanthropy initiative in support of the Polish History Museum in Warsaw. Urbanska is a Harvard University graduate.

How Michael Ward and the NC State Team Made It Happen

It all started with a $1,000 gift. What drew notice at North Carolina State University’s development office was the age of the donor. The check was written in November 2016 by Rede Wilson, a freshly minted graduate from the College of Textiles...

Phubbing: New Norm or No-No?

To the uninitiated, phubbing is the act of snubbing people in favor of your cell phone. The practice has become so widespread, you may not even notice it. We've all been there: out to eat with friends, instead of conversation or even menu-grazing, people are working their phones. Then there are meetings where employees pull out their mobile phones, slap them on the table and tap out messages, unapologetically multitasking, as the meeting proceeds...