Casey Williams

Casey Williams

Casey Williams is an attorney with Liebert Cassidy Whitmore, working solely with nonprofits on employment, governance, and business matters. Based in the San Francisco office, her practice is focused on helping mission-driven organizations achieve their goals while staying compliant and working through complex disputes.

What You Need to Consider During Background Checks for Nonprofit Volunteers

At many nonprofits, volunteers play critical roles, from staffing special events and keeping programs running to serving as directors on boards. They are often the most effective community ambassadors, but, increasingly, nonprofits must consider the risks associated with failing to vet potential volunteers.

5 Governance Tips for Nonprofit Directors

Nonprofit directors play a vital role in making sure a nonprofit’s governance structure is functioning and healthy. Here are five tips for contributing to a healthy governance structure.

5 Tips for Nonprofit Leaders to Avoid Claims of Wrongful Termination

No nonprofit leader relishes the unfortunate task of ending an employee's employment — be it for performance problems, misconduct or operational reasons. It is a difficult process, and poorly handled and rushed terminations create serious risks, such as a wrongful termination claim.