Jim Eskin

Jim Eskin

Jim Eskin runs his consulting practice, Eskin Fundraising Training, which builds on the success of his more than 150 fundraising workshops and webinars, and provides training, coaching and support services that nonprofits need to compete for and secure major gifts. He has authored more than 100 guest columns that have appeared in daily newspapers, business journals and blogs across the country. He is the author of “10 Simple Fundraising Lessons.”

10 Ways to Raise More Money in 2023

I want to share 10 pragmatic ways that nonprofit leaders can more effectively ask for and secure gifts that will fuel their missions.

How the MacKenzie Scott Miracle Is Lifting Nonprofits in One City

It’s a safe bet that all 798 nonprofits that received transformational grants from MacKenzie Scott and her husband Dan Jewett, totaling close to $9 billion, believe in miracles. They all were beneficiaries of the most awesome display of philanthropy in size, speed and flexibility that we’ve ever seen in history...

Book Review of Erica Waasdorp’s 'Monthly Giving Made Easy'

At first, I thought that Erica’s approach to monthly giving sounded too good to be true. But after the two webinars, several delightful conversations and reading her new book, "Monthly Giving Made Easy," I’m convinced that it definitely is that good and that easy!...

Best Donor Language: Transparency

Politicians, corporate giants, not to mention nonprofit staff, could have salvaged careers by heeding this powerful truth.