Robin Cabral

Robin Cabral

As a “top-in-the-field” Certified Fund-Raising Executive, who has been billed as one of LinkedIn’s top philanthropy voices of the year, Robin Cabral has the skills and experience to focus your efforts, drive your results and enhance your ability and confidence through easy-to-understand and informative strategies, tools and templates. 

Helping fundraisers just like you excel and succeed in their careers through her unique programs, her approach is customized for those new to fundraising, wanting to excel in their new fundraising job or role, or advance in their career. She serves both fundraising professionals and executive directors alike.

She provides fundraising strategies, tactics and tools, including coaching, training and content for fundraising success.

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Top 7 Steps to Creating Special Event Sponsorships That Sell

Before you can even solicit sponsors for your fundraising special events, you need to take several key steps first to best position your organization. What most groups fail to do is evaluate their sponsor value proposition first and foremost, before event seeking sponsorships...

Using Multichannel Digital Fundraising 'Shoestring' Strategies for Acquisition

In this day and age as development professionals, we need to keep our eye both on donor retention and acquisition. It is one thing to retain your current donors, but if you are not constantly acquiring new ones, your donor file will naturally attrition through donors changing addresses, passing on or just choosing not to give...

7 Tips for Hosting Donor Cultivation Events

Donor cultivation events should be an important part of your fundraising program. Whether you are a small or large nonprofit or if you are raising money for annual operations for capital campaigns, you need to incorporate them as a vital element of your yearly development calendar.

Analyzing Your Calendar Year-End Fundraising Efforts for Effectiveness

Many groups end the year and then move onto their next project starting Jan. 1. While forward-thinking and acting is important, it is also equally as critical to do some analysis of the past year; calendar year-end, particularly, since it is a barometer of the overall health of your development program...

How to Ensure a Successful New Fundraising Year

Now that it is January, you may think that it is time to relax a bit after that hectic holiday season. However, now is the time to ensure that you have strong follow-up to your calendar year-end appeal. If you have closed out one fundraising year completely by doing the needed follow-up, you have established a strong base and set your organization up well for success in the upcoming calendar year's fundraising efforts...

Using a Gift Chart to Validate a Fundraising Goal and Campaign

When you have been presented with a fundraising goal, the best next step is to determine the feasibility of that goal. One of the most challenging tasks is setting out to accomplish a fundraising goal without knowing whether or not you have the capacity to meet it. Here is how I recommend testing that fundraising goal by using a gift chart process...