Pete Kimbis

Pete Kimbis
Pete provides broad consulting services for nonprofits. He specializes in funding scans, grant research, grant proposal writing, appeals and copywriting. 
He works with a team of the finest nonprofit professionals in service of both small community based organizations and international nonprofits. He is experienced in fundraising, advocacy and community outreach.
Pete brings brings fresh perspectives to the table. He diligently researches funding opportunities that align with the nature, need and mission of client organizations . 
He facilitates the cultivation of partnerships between clients and the business sector, grantors, community organizations and government.
He is always open to new ideas regarding collaboration for social good. 
He was born and raised in New York but has spent his second chapter in the DC Metro Area.
He serves on the Board of Directors of Housing Unlimited Inc. to support affordable housing for those in recovery from homelessness and mental health setbacks.
He volunteers his time for Courtwatch Montgomery to advocate for the rights of survivors of domestic violence.
He provides guidance on efficiency to select members of the nonprofit community.
He has a Bachelor’s Degree in Foreign Service from Georgetown University and resides in Bethesda Maryland.
Above all else, he is the proud papa of three wonderful daughters.
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