Pete Kimbis

Pete Kimbis

Pete Kimbis is managing director of PKC, a boutique social good consulting firm based in North Bethesda, Maryland, that delivers technical and grant proposal writing, opportunity and solicitation analysis, legislative research, budgets, program analysis and evaluation, small business development, and acquisition support. Pete works with entrepreneurs and businesses based around innovative and inclusive missions that protect or improve lives or the environment.

Inclusivity Calls for More General Operating Support Grants

Advocates for general operating support grants say they allow nonprofits to focus on what they do best in a market-based system designed for money to flow to those who are the best at what they do. The idea is to return to market principles. Let leaders focus on what they do best and be more inclusive in grant-making.

4 Ways to Get to Know Your Audience

As you prepare for year-end, your constituents may have different priorities now. Here are some tools to assess your donor database.

Everything Is Perfectly Out of Control

Do you have a billion and one things on your mind? Is your way unclear? Are the problems in your organization happening because other people and other departments messed up big time? Do you and everyone else have long stories they can tell about everyone else and how all the chaos happened?

Social Service Organizations—Turn Staff Turnover on Its Head

The reality we must accept, and not bemoan, is that social service nonprofits cannot compete with for-profit corporate salaries and benefit packages. Social service employers would like to pay employees what they are worth. They would if they could...

Shock Your Donors This Year-End

At year-end, we are focused on that last push. December is a critical month. Take a moment to step away from the madness and gain perspective. Fundraising can be especially intimidating and discouraging for leaders of both new and small organizations...

Seeing with a Beginner’s Mind

Seeing problems or opportunities is a choice, but acknowledging reality is necessary for survival. You may see obstacles and limitations. Leave behind assumptions and look with the beginner's mind. We find what we look for and expect. Our experience colors our perspective...