Mark Frisina

Mark Frisina

Mark believes in the often-untapped power of data and testing for more effective fundraising. For over 15 years, Frisina has been at the forefront of delivering highly targeted, data-driven direct response programs for a wide array of organizations. As VP of Strata Company, his efforts have helped numerous clients reach more of the right people the right way, generating higher response rates and a greater return on investment. Mark received an MBA in marketing from Villanova University and when he’s not in the office, you can find him out on the golf course or cheering on his favorite sports teams.

How Nonprofits Can Develop More Targeted Fundraising Programs

Fundraising challenges are part of the package for nonprofit marketers: Attrition, converting small donors into major gift donors, growing the donor base and not to mention factors beyond our control that affect giving trends...

A/B Test Your Way to Better Fundraising Results

Your organization’s current fundraising programs may be getting results. They’re working—or so it seems. But what if your results could be getting better… and better and better? The highest performing nonprofits continually test their appeals programs to optimize programs...