Stephanie Minor

Stephanie Minor

Stephanie Minor is executive consultant of NPO Centric in Palm Desert, California, where she advances the work of nonprofits through capacity-building and technical assistance. Stephanie is an award-winning veteran fundraising professional, nonprofit executive and strategic development coach whose proven fundraising strategies have won big grants and gifts for impactful nonprofit causes. Through her many publications and online courses, she teaches nonprofit leaders, fundraisers and founders the best practices from her career in leading and raising millions of dollars for nonprofits.

What Grant Funders Really Want

What reviewers are looking for in grant proposals can feel like a secret. So, here are five tips to improve your grant applications.

Powerhouse Boards: Tips to Achieving Long-Term Success

It’s a common challenge among nonprofits. Business and community leaders join your board and share your passion and vision, but they lack the commitment or drive to propel your organization forward. Further, they lack the tools to be successful. So, what’s the secret to attaining a powerhouse board?