Kevin Schulman

Kevin Schulman

Kevin Schulman is founder and managing partner at DonorVoice.

Think Hiring Experts Is Expensive? Try Amateurs

A job listing recently came across my desk for the chief marketing officer at a major nonprofit who will remain nameless. My eye dropped to the requirements for the position: a bachelor’s degree—not even specifically in marketing or communications...

Why Your Segmentation Probably Stinks (and What to Do About It)

Suppose you were asked to separate your donors into Pile A and Pile B. What criteria would you use? Before answering, recall the only reason to segment is to raise more money than one-size-fits-all. Creating and executing tailored content and experiences come at a cost, which at the very least is more work for staff...

Measuring Donor Loyalty

Loyalty runs deep, and metrics such as the Net Promoter Score can be too simplistic. Measuring donor loyalty takes a more in-depth look.

Anatomy of a 

If the problems of acquisition and retention are related and severe, and the financial imperative to fix them so clear, then why are the trend lines getting worse, not better? Why aren't more donors giving a second gift?