Shaby T. Rosales

Shaby T. Rosales

Shaby T. Rosales is partner and chief human resources officer for Orr Group. Shaby oversees the HR function for Orr Group, as well as strategic initiatives and long-term projects for the firm. Her responsibilities include talent acquisition, onboarding and orientation, payroll and benefits, personnel management, and organizational planning and development. 

She also leads Orr Group’s team providing outsourced HR leadership and services to nonprofit clients. For example, Shaby serves as the human resources director for one of the nation’s leading disease research institute foundations and leads the provision of outsourced human resources management services to a national civil rights advocacy firm. 

Before joining Orr Group, Shaby served as the vice president of human resources for Congressional Bank, a privately-held financial institution based in Bethesda, Maryland, where she managed the HR function for the entire organization, helping grow the business from a local 25-person team to more than 300 staff nationwide.

Why Nonprofits Must Make Peace With Turnover

Turnover is often seen as evidence of a problematic organizational culture. If letters of resignation are swirling about, the assumption is something must be broken. But, turnover will always be a factor, and it may be a growing aspect of the new normal due to circumstances beyond our control.