George Crankovic

George Crankovic

An agency-trained, award-winning, freelance fundraising copywriter and consultant with years of on-the-ground experience, George specializes in crafting direct mail appeals, online appeals and other communications that move donors to give. He serves major nonprofits with projects ranging from specialized appeals for mid-level and high-dollar donors, to integrated, multichannel campaigns, to appeals for acquisition, reactivation and cultivation.

8 Questions to Ask to Get Inside Your Donor’s Head

The better you know your donor, the better your appeal is going to be. That’s obvious. The problem is your donor is probably coming from a completely different experiential background. How do you get inside that person’s head?

4 Ways to Use Social Proof More Effectively—and 1 to Seriously Avoid

You’re sauntering down the street on a warm Saturday afternoon when you turn a corner and see a long line of people in front of a French bakery. Your first thought is, "What’s going on here?" You glance at all the people. You glance in the window. You think, "The pastry chef must be brilliant." Next thing you know, you’re standing in line too, eager to order a baguette, a brioche and a couple of chocolate croissants...

Read This in the Next 5 Minutes!!!

You might think infomercials are corny and campy. Maybe so. But they’re also gems of direct response. Let’s take a look at the role the demo plays in an infomercial, and then we’ll see how to apply it to fundraising.