Adam O’Brien

Adam O’Brien

Adam O’Brien is the director of product and growth marketing at GoodUnited, a messaging automation platform for social media fundraising. With almost 15 years of combined enterprise B2B and nonprofit marketing experience, Adam brings his unique viewpoints on marketing and fundraising strategies through GoodUnited’s Nonprofit Growth Lab series.

How New California Regulations Impact Digital Fundraising for Nonprofits

A new California law aims to bring more transparency to digital fundraising as a whole. Let’s explore the aspects of the California law, how it impacts social media platforms, the implications for nonprofits that land on a block list and the steps a nonprofit needs to take to avoid non-compliance.

3 Key Facebook Fundraising Strategy Mistakes to Avoid in 2023

Facebook fundraising has seen its ups and downs over the years, so what is its current perceived value? Here are three key mistakes nonprofits need to avoid when evaluating if there’s a place for Facebook fundraising in their 2023 strategy.