Mike Burns

Mike Burns

Mike Burns is partner at BWB Solutions. Reach him at mikeb@bwbsolutions.com

3 Ways To Resolve Board Participation Challenges

The board is the nonprofit’s caretaker and does its work on behalf of the public. Nonprofit execs have the task of understanding and executing how best to achieve the mission as defined by the board. Let's explore the factors that can affect and strategies that can address challenges to fully engaging board members...

How To Bring Out the Best Among Board Members and With the Executive Director

Fiduciary duties: compliance, risk management and strategy are the day-to-day focus of nonprofit board members. In my 40-plus years as a governance consultant, I have observed that the board’s success in fulfilling these duties is to varying degrees affected by, if not dependent upon, the type of relationships experienced by and with each member, and equally, if not more importantly, between each member and the executive director...

The 5 Ws and an H of the Written Board Report

Board meetings are relational and transactional affairs. The optimal results are achieved through processes guided by Consensus, Roberta or Robert’s rules that result in fully informed decisions that in turn further an organization’s mission while providing guidance to the executive director/CEO. But it really isn’t that simple, is it? Board decisions benefit best from comprehensive, accurate, timely and meaningful reports — be it from key staff or board standing committees or task forces...

Do Budgets Really Matter?

In this Leading the Board column, I want to discuss the role of budgets in an organization and its meaningfulness to a nonprofit board.

Nonprofit Boards: Where Are You?

This column will focus on identifying three possible solutions that nonprofit executives could utilize to increase their support.

What Is Your Nonprofit Board Hiding?

The board meeting has ended. The results included discussion and action around program results, finances, strategy, compliance, etc.

Nonprofit Governance Is Not Intuitive

Few folks are “born” to be the volunteer leadership of a nonprofit, never mind the leader of the volunteers who are governing.

Nonprofit Sustainability Planning: 3 Questions Your Board Should Ask

A nonprofit sustainability plan identifies what and how resources will be generated to implement strategic and annual goals. The sustainability plan is the long-range income side of a nonprofit’s budget: a goal and strategies that demand the board’s understanding and commitment.

Don’t Be Caught With a ‘Bored’ Board

Once upon a time there was a nonprofit board that had members who were bored. Members would come to meetings and listen to reports—long, boring reports—about conversations officers, committees and staff had since the previous board meeting. And members would listen and sometimes they even voted...