Mike Burns

Mike Burns

Mike Burns is partner at BWB Solutions. Reach him at mikeb@bwbsolutions.com

Do Budgets Really Matter?

In this Leading the Board column, I want to discuss the role of budgets in an organization and its meaningfulness to a nonprofit board.

Nonprofit Boards: Where Are You?

This column will focus on identifying three possible solutions that nonprofit executives could utilize to increase their support.

What Is Your Nonprofit Board Hiding?

The board meeting has ended. The results included discussion and action around program results, finances, strategy, compliance, etc.

Nonprofit Governance Is Not Intuitive

Few folks are “born” to be the volunteer leadership of a nonprofit, never mind the leader of the volunteers who are governing.

Nonprofit Sustainability Planning: 3 Questions Your Board Should Ask

A nonprofit sustainability plan identifies what and how resources will be generated to implement strategic and annual goals. The sustainability plan is the long-range income side of a nonprofit’s budget: a goal and strategies that demand the board’s understanding and commitment.

Don’t Be Caught With a ‘Bored’ Board

Once upon a time there was a nonprofit board that had members who were bored. Members would come to meetings and listen to reports—long, boring reports—about conversations officers, committees and staff had since the previous board meeting. And members would listen and sometimes they even voted...

Nonprofit Board and Executive Partnership: Purely An Aspiration

What’s this “partnership” thing I keep hearing about when describing the nature of the relationship between the board and executive? I understand that a true partnership between the board and executive can increase the board’s engagement and lead to better nonprofit results, but does this really occur?...

Paying for Technology: A Board's Eye View

Some 35-plus years ago when I began my career in nonprofit capacity-building, I was fortunate enough to have two board members to believe that I could not do my work without technology...

Make It So: A Partner Paradigm Between Executive and Board

What does it mean for a nonprofit board to “support” its executive director? A bevy of organization development consultants promote a principle, to which I also subscribe: Nonprofit boards have one employee, and that employee is the executive director/CEO...

Overcoming Board Challenges: 4 Key CEO Annual Performance Indicators

The annual performance review date has come and gone as our board acted like deer in the headlights. We can’t really understand what to assess. And, to be honest, some board members who don’t really like or trust our executive only want to assess the behaviors and personality they dislike. What to do?...

Selling the Sizzle: Taking Board Member Participation to the Next Level

You say your nonprofit board members are unenthused about everything? For some members, their lack of enthusiasm is so profound, they fail to attend board and committee meetings. And many more members are so unenthused that they are not inclined to play an active role to support the nonprofit in achieving success...