Brandon Emerson

Brandon Emerson

As director of strategy, Brandon Emerson co-leads Orr Group’s strategy practice area. In his role, Brandon collaborates with clients to build actionable strategies that optimize their fundraising and organizational function.

Experienced in both organizational and departmental strategic planning, he is passionate about how maintaining a well-defined strategy will enable focus and growth. He takes pride in actively listening to stakeholder feedback to offer solutions that improve client organizational capabilities and offerings. He brings five years of experience in fundraising, strategy, events management and systems development.

Additionally, Brandon is responsible for facilitating consistently high-quality strategic thought and methodology execution across the firm to ensure that each client receives top-quality services that meet their unique needs.

Before joining Orr Group, Brandon was a member of the development team at Old Sturbridge Village in Sturbridge, Massachusetts.

4 Approaches Nonprofits Should Take to Create Successful Strategic Plans

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