Kenan Pala

Kenan Pala

Kenan Pala is the 13-year-old founder of Kids4Community, a nonprofit that helps kids and their families give back to their communities in meaningful ways. Kenan also founded Kids Tri Hard, a clothing line that provides more affordable clothing options for youth triathletes.

3 Ways Charitable Organizations Can Better Recruit Youth Volunteers

Only a handful of nonprofit organizations have programs geared toward kids, and this makes it difficult for interested youth to find appropriate volunteer opportunities. As a kid myself, I can guarantee that we want to get involved. We want to become youth volunteers. We find value in our communities.

Why Every Nonprofit Leader Should Join Another Nonprofit Board

Running a nonprofit is hard work—physically and emotionally. You hope to make a change in your community and have so much of your heart invested in your efforts. With all of the energy you put into your own business, why would you take time to serve on another nonprofit board?...

3 Tips for Creating Memorable Fundraising Events

When you run a nonprofit, fundraising events are the face you show to the world. Not only do they provide vital funds, but fundraisers also put a nonprofit's mission and purpose on a stage for your community to discover and explore...