Chris Foster

Chris Foster

Chris Foster is the vice president of business development at Modern Postcard

Why Our Brains Respond to Print… and Direct Mail

Your donors and audience respond to different messages and different styles of marketing — not everyone will open your direct mail and not everyone will read your posts on Facebook.

What’s Your Job, Direct Mail?

Direct mail has a very, very specific job to do for nonprofits in 2019. Its job is to stick around until the recipient delivers a strong donation. Here’s why.

Direct Mail Is the Story

For nonprofits, the concept of “telling your story” is just as natural as getting a cup of coffee in the morning. With the zillions of media channels your nonprofit has at its disposal to communicate with its audience, the question of which moves them is a source of constant debate...

Nonprofit Branding: 3 Questions to Ask Your Organization

As a nonprofit professional, you have a mandate to understand your supporters. The competition for discretionary dollars is extraordinary. So when it comes to nonprofit branding, there are three questions to ask...