Richard Heimsoth

Richard Heimsoth

Richard Heimsoth is the senior director of Customer Strategy at Merkle.

Meeting Fundraising Goals in 2020

As marketers and fundraisers, adapting to donor behavior and current economic conditions has always been a requisite for success.

Evolving with the Data: How to Measure Your Technological Maturity

While the evolving technology landscape presents exciting opportunities for organizations to better connect with donors, it’s also creating an unprecedented level of complexity around central audience management. The data is within reach, but a tangled web of disparate systems can obscure the very insights you value most...

People-Based Marketing: Reading the Signals

Signals are all around us, from the “Don’t Walk” sign when you cross the street to the microwave beeping when your food is done. Even the most seemingly insignificant signals help us operate more efficiently, taking the guesswork out of day-to-day tasks...