Evan La Ruffa

Evan La Ruffa

Evan La Ruffa is a curator and entrepreneur who lives at the intersection of art and impact. Working as an artist, organizer, and consultant, he builds, creates, organizes and connects.

His unorthodox and innovative approach has led to the success of IPaintMyMind, a Chicago-based nonprofit organization whose mission is to transform people and spaces through the power of art, and does so by leveraging art services that fund the organization’s continued work bringing art experiences and programs to underserved communities throughout Chicagoland.

He believes in a better world, likes to create new solutions to big problems, and loves talking to people who are excited about the future of good work. He’s a father, a world traveler, and a foodie.

Evan has written for a variety of online and print publications, including Upper Playground, Beautiful Decay, IPaintMyMind, Beinsports, Profile Magazine and HispanicExecutive.com.

Earned Income Depends on You, Grants Depend On Them

Every nonprofit executive you speak to will tell you plainly that grant dollars alone won’t sustain an organization’s work. Sure there are huge foundations that are repositories for cash, but most nonprofits cannot rely on grants or even donations to keep the organization vital and thriving...