Larry Talley

Larry Talley

Larry Talley is the founder and CEO of Everyware, a contactless payments and communications solutions company. His passion for partnerships, connecting with people, business development and customer satisfaction led to the creation of a payment and communications solution like no other. Everyware combines the tools that meet the high demand for contactless payment and two-way messaging in a multitude of industries. Larry lives in Austin, Texas, with his wife and three sons.

How to Engage More Volunteers With Text Messaging Campaigns

Volunteers are one of the many important lifelines for nonprofit organizations. To achieve goals with volunteers, requires planning, organization and effective communication since engaging with volunteers is just as important to fundraising as it is to engage with donors. 

How Reaching Fundraising Goals Could Be a Text Away

Organizations are increasingly depending on touchless technology so they can collect donations quickly. Simple SMS communication solutions allow donors to give at any time without needing a checkbook or cash, plus they can set up one-time or recurring donations, meaning higher fundraising to reach long-term goals...