Bill Crouch

Bill Crouch

Bill Crouch is CEO and founder of BrightDot, a nonprofit consulting firm focusing on the fundraising needs of community colleges. Bill honed his fundraising skills as a development director at various colleges in the Southeast, and then as president of Georgetown College for more than 22 years.

He is a graduate of Wake Forest University and Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary and is an Honorary Fellow at St. Regents Park College at Oxford University.

Most recently, he served as the senior managing partner of Jerold Panas, Linzy and Partners. A member of the national board of trustees for The First Tee of the PGA Tour, Bill serves on the World Golf Foundation’s Diversity Council. If he has a free afternoon, you’ll find him on the golf course, but Bill is happiest when in the company of his wife Jan, five children and eight grandchildren.

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