Leeann Alameda

Leeann Alameda

Leeann Alameda has more than 20 years of experience in directing and implementing best practices in marketing, branding, communications and advertising in both the private and nonprofit sectors. She is the founder and principal consultant of Alameda Marketing Solutions, which provides marketing strategy and branding services for nonprofits, foundations and mission-driven businesses.

Is the Narrative Nonprofits Use Promoting Stereotypes?

The language we use to define people triggers automatic associations in our minds and influences the way we think and feel about them. If we are framing groups based on their deficits, our minds will only associate them with their deficits.

How to Use Personalized Marketing to Reach and Activate Donors

The days of mass communications are over. Today, people expect a more personalized marketing approach. Consider your own experience—for instance, when you get recommendations from Amazon or other online shopping websites based on your browsing or shopping history...

3 Nonprofit Marketing Trends You Can’t Overlook in 2019

As the New Year approaches, it is a perfect time for organizations to review their nonprofit marketing and communications strategies and determine what’s been most effective. And there’s no time like the present for a fresh, creative outlook...

7 Practical Tips for Leveraging the Power of Nonprofit Social Media

Due to the popularity of mobile devices and information readily available at the touch of a finger, nonprofit social media marketing is a powerful outreach tool to leverage. The pervasiveness of petitions, the emergence of movements like #BlackLivesMatter and #MeToo, and the increase in fundraising options provide a way for organizations to raise visibility, activate and engage audiences online...