Dale Nirvani Pfeifer

Dale Nirvani Pfeifer

Dale Nirvani Pfeifer is changing the way we connect online by making social giving simple. An award-winning researcher and native Kiwi, Pfeifer applied the theory of Allophilia (like or love of others) to Maori leadership, demonstrating how the power of love and effective leadership can bring together big, diverse groups of people. She ran the Victoria University of Wellington’s Center for the Study of Leadership and collaborated with institutions like Harvard University. She later began working with organizations across the U.S. and New Zealand—from security think tanks to the Rockefeller Foundation—to help them understand their purpose; develop and implement programs and communications strategies; and design, lead and program a number of initiatives. Pfeifer’s work in the nonprofit and foundation sector led her to recognize the power of business to drive large-scale impact, and she founded Goodworld. She was recently named one of Washington Business Journal’s 40 Under 40 business leaders in Washington and one of Trending 40’s New Power Women of DC Tech.

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