Christy McWilliams

Christy McWilliams

Christy McWilliams is vice president of customer strategy at Merkle

3 Steps to Shape Nonprofit Constituent Relationships in the New Age of Experience

Consumers today are looking for authentic, personal experiences with the brands with which they do business. While nonprofits acknowledge the importance of personalizing their constituents’ experiences, they lag the commercial market in delivery, historically relying on constituents’ emotional connections to their missions to acquire and retain them.

A Direct Mail Fundraiser’s Best Friend Just Might Be Digital

Direct mail fundraisers, this blog post is dedicated to you. The tendency to think about the offline and online channels as separate sandboxes is inadvisable for many reasons, but today we’d like to focus on a direct-mail-centric reason — one that is costing you revenue...

Shake It Up: Shifting Your Strategy in the Disruption Economy

The disruption economy is changing consumer expectations more quickly than ever. Disposable income and wealth distribution, commerce, technology, laws and politics are all changing. And nonprofits are not insulated from these market disruptions just because of the good work they do. Without strategic shifts, charities risk massive revenue loss that threatens their missions and makes it far less likely they’ll solve the problems they were created to solve...

Donor Journeys: Put a Plan in Motion

At a conference I attended recently, one of the most well-attended sessions was positioned as a presentation on “donor journeys,” when in fact, it was an analytics session, charting the time from donor acquisition to second gift or major gift upgrade...