Donna Wilkins

Donna Wilkins
4 Recommendations for Smart Interactive Investments

As your organization makes its interactive investment plans, especially with the common July 1 fiscal year around the corner, you can shine as a strategic leader. Consider these four recommendations.

Controlling the Interactive Purse Strings

On the whole, nonprofit organizations are spending more on interactive solutions this year. And with good reason. Integrated websites are elevating donations to holistic mission experiences. Fundraising platforms are empowering donors to support the charities they love in a manner that suits them best. Mobile and social developments are reaching more constituents and driving increased engagement.

Making Event Participants More Successful With Social-Media Tools

The popularity of social media websites like Facebook, Twitter and YouTube has given rise to promising new ways for event participants to raise money online for nonprofits. While some industry observers doubt the fundraising potential of these platforms, participants in special events continue to be an exception and have shown strong success by tapping in to the power of social networking.

Boosting Your Event Strategy With Social Networking

With a few simple steps, nonprofits of all sizes can establish a presence in the world of social networking, begin building a network, cultivate new and existing audiences, and develop a meaningful community to support events.