Andrea Kihlstedt

Andrea Kihlstedt

Andrea Kihlstedt is an innovative leader and expert in capital campaign fundraising. She wrote “Capital Campaigns: Strategies That Work (4th ed),” often referred to as the “bible” of capital campaign fundraising. She founded Capital Campaign Masters and co-founded Capital Campaign Toolkit, an online capital campaign resource and platform.

One Important Way to Draw Your Donors Closer

People don’t give because they have money — they give because they’re committed to your mission, and they believe in what you’re trying to accomplish. So, it stands to reason that you should never ask anyone for a big gift until they know your mission.

How to Treat Big Donors After They Give a Major Gift

In the capital campaign business, the focus is on raising a great deal of money from a relatively few donors. And it’s all too common for staff members and volunteers to focus their attention exclusively on getting those major gifts.

3 Action Steps to Ramp Up Your Capital Campaign

Are you completely buried in spreadsheets and committees, and your case for support? Are you so stuck in the weeds that you don’t have enough time to actually contact your donors? The same donors who will make or break your capital campaign? Are you even sure who to contact?

Do Major Gifts Suffer From Capital Campaigns?

Some people worry that major gifts will suffer in the years after a capital campaign. But it’s simply not true! Remember, very few things move in simple straight lines. That’s true of human motivation, growth patterns and, yes, even the way people give.

Capital Campaign Consultants Have a Dirty Little Secret

Have you ever wondered how capital campaign consultants figure out how much money your organization can raise for your campaign? Do you ever wonder if their assessments are wrong? Let me tell you a dirty little secret...

3 Tried-and-True Practices to Cut Through the Capital Campaign Logjam

Are you stuck in the mud, tired of looking at spreadsheets, organizing committees and writing your case for support? Does it feel like there’s never enough time to actually contact your donors? Do you feel like you’re not ready enough? Like you don’t have enough time? Like you’re not even sure who to contact?...

3 Most Common Capital Campaign Worries and How to Defeat Them

Over the last few decades, I’ve spoken with hundreds of people about their biggest fears of getting ready for a capital campaign. While I could make a list of campaign anxieties longer than your arm, three concerns come up again and again...

Bind Your Campaign and Donors Together By Finding Shared Values

Having conversations about core values will help shape the future of your organization. And publicly posting what you come up with will help keep your organization’s values alive—even if that just means putting some Post-Its on the wall!...

A Revolutionary Model for Capital Campaign Fundraising

The capital campaign industry has been operating more or less the same way for nearly a century. But now, fueled by the Internet, the traditional models are being replaced by new, more efficient systems and practices...

5 Tips to Make Complex Capital Campaign Meetings Work

Complex capital campaign meetings are the new normal. In fact, it’s becoming rare to be part of a meeting where everyone is sitting around the same table. Some people attend in person. Others phone in. And yet, others attend via video conference.

It’s Time to Ditch the Capital Campaign Brochure

When you think about the case for support, do you immediately think “brochure?” Do you imagine a beautiful, glossy multipage piece with wonderful images of the families you serve or the animals you save? Perhaps you imagine a donor reading it and being moved to write a big check...

Does Your Organization Have a Capital Campaign Moonshot? It Should.

If one of your largest donors asked you what would transform your organization—what would “take it to the moon” in terms of helping more people and having more impact—would you have an answer? Though capital campaigns are usually more practically focused than that, if you’re in a capital campaign, you ought to have an answer to the question…