Scott Koskoski

Scott Koskoski

Scott is the regional director and performance consultant at Crouch & Associates

Everything You Wanted to Know About Getting the Visit (But Were Afraid to Ask)

True story. Earlier in my fundraising career, I was working in Virginia and putting a trip to Boston together to visit some donors and prospects we had there. I still remember one particular telephone conversation like it was yesterday. I want you to read it and think of three things I did wrong...

Sorry, But Your 'To-Do' List Needs an Intervention

It’s so important—and so hard—to have this conversation with you. But they said it would be best if we just ripped off the Band-Aid, so to speak, so here goes: Your "To-Do" list needs to go to rehab. Right now. Wait, don’t get up! Please sit down and listen. We’re telling you this because we all love you and want you to get the help you need. Here, just listen...