Eric Ryan

Eric Ryan

Eric Ryan has dedicated 25 years of his professional life to service. He is the co-founder of Mission Met, a company devoted to making strategic planning easier and more effective for nonprofit and organizational leaders around the world. Although he has focused on serving small nonprofits, Eric has also consulted with numerous corporations and government entities.

In addition to his consulting work, he has started one nonprofit, been an executive director, and served on several boards as both treasurer and board chair. He led the creation of nonprofit strategic planning software, Causey, and is the author of “Mission Met: Proven Strategic Planning Guidance to Help You Build a Financially Secure and Impactful Nonprofit.”

Improve Your Nonprofit’s Programming Focus Through Matrix Mapping

Focus can be lost easily. It is very tempting — and common — to pursue a variety of programs that promise short-term financial return and satisfy the wants and desires of the staff and board. So, is there a tool that can help you create a more streamlined and focused approach for your nonprofit? Yes — the matrix map.

4 Tips for Stress-Free Strategic Planning for Your Nonprofit

Because nonprofit leaders have a lot to manage, strategic planning often drops down on the priority list for nonprofits, but it doesn’t have to be this way. Here are four practical tips that will make your planning less stressful while also strengthening your leadership.

Here’s Why Your Nonprofit Team Isn’t Hitting Its Goals

Your nonprofit likely has many goals it wants to accomplish, ranging in priority and timeline. Some of these goals may be broad and worldly, while others are not. However, for you to lay a path to accomplish your goals, your nonprofit should follow a similar structure for writing each of your goals. 

Follow This Simple Formula for Your Mission and Vision Statements

Your nonprofit has its own identity, and it’s likely that you want to tell your whole story to your stakeholders. However, when nonprofits wrap everything that the organization is about into its mission and vision statements, a lot of the power and decision-making value is lost in these lofty and winding statements.