Steve Orr

Steve Orr

As co-founder and managing partner of Orr Group, Steve Orr has facilitated the growth and evolution of the firm to its current position as a national leader in the nonprofit consulting sector. Drawing on his investment banking and finance background, Steve brings a problem-solving approach, a focus on metrics and an outcomes-driven perspective to the nonprofit sector. Steve is committed to enhancing philanthropy using innovative technologies and approaches developed in the business world to disrupt the established ways of working and encourage experimentation.

Steve leads strategy and implementation teams for Orr Group’s clients, frequently serving in the role of executive director or CEO during times of transition. In addition to providing fresh thinking and visionary leadership, he drives transformational change to help nonprofits achieve their missions. He draws on his 30 plus years of experience to establish and build trust with staff, management, and boards, as well as to drive philanthropic revenue growth.

Steve began his career on Wall Street, serving in the financial institutions group at Goldman Sachs and as a ForEx leader at Citi. In 1991, inspired by the charitable efforts of his parents, Steve founded Orr Group with his wife, Carol, to help nonprofits fundraise more effectively.

In 1994, he also founded Youth Inc., a nonprofit organization that helps New York City grassroots youth programs expand through fundraising, board placements, training and direct grants. Steve led the organization for 20 years, during which time Youth Inc. partnered with 130 youth programs, placed 140 executives on its program boards and raised over $50 million.

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