Nathan Hill

Nathan Hill
Nathan is the optimization evangelist for NextAfter, a research lab and consultancy focused on answering one single question:What makes donors give?
In order to answer this question, he and the NextAfter team turn the web into a living
laboratory–testing new ideas to help nonprofits learn more about their donors and acquire more emails, donors and revenue.
Prior to joining NextAfter, Nathan managed outbound and direct marketing for a major
nonprofit involved in broadcasting, higher education and publishing. Now, he focuses on sharing NextAfter’s greatest learnings with the nonprofit industry in order to help nonprofit fundraisers inspire greater generosity.
A Sentence Can Make or Break Your Email Fundraising

Every single sentence in your email appeals is critical to your email fundraising success. We learned this through an experiment we conducted with the George W. Bush Presidential Center. Before their grand opening, the George W. Bush Presidential Center was running an acquisition campaign to recruit founding members...

What Makes a Good Design? Beauty or Performance?

How does modern design impact your donation page? As modern Web design relies more and more on user experience, it’s brought new design elements to donation pages and landing pages. We like to think that having a beautiful donation page or landing page means we’ll get more donations...

More Copy Could Equal More Donations

The words you use on your donation page are powerful. And there’s a danger in assuming your donor understands why they should give to you just because they land on your donation page. By adding copy to your page, you can articulate those reasons clearly and increase your donations...