Kristy Morris

Kristy Morris

Kristy Morris is a creative professional in corporate and nonprofit social media advertising and brand strategy. As the chief marketing officer at Funds2Orgs and Elsey Enterprises, she works with a suite of global fundraising brands and manages national campaigns for her clients. She hosts a monthly webinar with Funds2Orgs, teaching nonprofits how to make an impact with their social media strategy. Kristy is a passionate individual that loves nothing more than to help others make an impact in their market and the world.

Kristy also contributes monthly to her NonProfit PRO blog, “Marketing IRL.”

Interactive Marketing: How Nonprofits Can Captivate in a Noisy World

Nonprofit donors are increasingly immune to traditional marketing and advertising. Wherever we go, from billboards on the highway to pop-up ads on our favorite websites, countless brands vie for attention. As a result, we’ve learned to tune them out or avoid them. That's why interactive marketing is so effective.

How to Use the Power of Word-of-Mouth Marketing and Fundraising

Today's donors are savvy, skeptical and well-informed. As a result, they know when someone is trying to sell them something — including donating. So how do you motivate people to support your cause in a world of mass messaging? One way to do it is to go old school with word-of-mouth and align it with your fundraising.

5 Tips for an Ethical Digital Marketing Strategy

Digital and web marketing are excellent tools for promoting your nonprofit and reaching more potential donors. They also provide a path and a place where you can engage with the public on a deep level, building relationships and generating goodwill. However, it's becoming essential to do it ethically.

How to Activate Social Proof Marketing for the Year-End

In the digital age, social proof has more importance than ever. The fear of supporting an organization that doesn’t make an impact is a primary concern for donors. So, the concept of social proof counters those concerns.

3 Ways to Achieve Multicultural Marketing at Your Nonprofit

One of the significant benefits of multicultural marketing is that it’s simply the right thing to do. However, it can also help you increase brand awareness and help your nonprofit better fulfill its mission. People want to associate with brands and organizations that align with their societal values more than ever.

Why Your Nonprofit Needs to Build a Community: 3 Ways to Do It Right

So, you've been paying attention to the buzz about building a community, but you're not sure what that means for your nonprofit. Building a community is now essential to engage with your supporters, prospects, donors and more. Moreover, it’s what your nonprofit donors want to see.

Trends and Must-Have Social Media Tools Ruling 2022 

Social media is an essential marketing tool to drive brand awareness. As we enter a new year soon, let’s explore first some of the top trends and then some of the excellent tools to have your brand stand out from the rest.

Amplification Marketing: What Is It? Why Employ It?

Do you want to know the singular metric that will excite your nonprofit leaders? It’s high engagement. So amplification marketing is an essential method for you to grow your brand’s reach in the community through your marketing efforts.

What Nonprofit Donors Want To See in Your Marketing and Social Media

What's happened is that we live at a time of immense transparency and authenticity because of the way data is consumed. Donors could hold nonprofits and their leaders accountable if they realize something isn't quite right. Therefore, in this time of easy communications, you want to ensure quality and value marketing and social media.

How Different Generations Use Social Media

Let's highlight each generation and its use of social media. And after sharing some insights, I'll include a pro tip to ensure your nonprofit leverages each generation well.

Why Nonprofits Are Leaving Facebook

Did you know 90% of Facebook users live overseas? That's just one reason why nonprofits are increasingly looking for alternatives to Facebook. At some point, I anticipate that there will be increased shifts away from the platform. Here's why.