Andrew Inderwick

Andrew Inderwick

Andrew Inderwick is the VP of business development at Informed Communications Group. He is responsible for client acquisition and strategic partnerships across all sectors providing solutions that focus on client/donor affinity, retention and growth.

As a business owner and senior account executive, with over 25 years of experience in communications and marketing in both the business and not-for-profit sector, he knows how to grow business and create efficiencies.

He brings a holistic perspective and skill set to provide clients with the power and partnerships to hone ROI while achieving their strategic goals across a range of activities including data analysis, strategy and design and multichannel deployment and fulfillment services.

What Can Fundraisers Learn From the Taxi Industry?

It’s no secret that the taxi industry has been disrupted by Uber and a growing range of other services. The taxi companies remained largely unchanged for decades, mistakenly assuming that the status quo met their customers’ needs. The same can be said for the movie rental business disrupted by Netflix. In both cases, customers’ expectations became more sophisticated over time, leaving the traditional business operators vulnerable...