Carol Wick

Carol Wick

­­­­Carol Wick is partner at Convergent Nonprofit Solutions. She started her career working with at-risk children and quickly gained national attention of her ability to create and implement innovative and sustainable solutions to century old problems. Over the years, she has developed a proven method that can be applied to any organization to help them grow, build their brand, and attract and retain investors. She has more 20 years of executive director experience and is the published author of several evidence-based studies on program effectiveness. Carol utilizes this wealth of experience to assist nonprofit organizations assess their capacity and take their organization to the next level.

Start by Asking ‘Why?’

Nonprofit leaders are constantly hearing about how important impact and outcomes are to funders. Articles with titles like, “Study: A Nonprofit’s Impact Is the Most Significant Consideration to Funders,” and “Why Outcomes, Not Output, Is the Key to Nonprofit Sustainability,” are everywhere...

Increasing Awareness Doesn't Fund Your Mission

October is one of the most important months of the year for organizations whose mission is to end the epidemic of intimate partner violence, also known to many as domestic violence. During the 31 days in October, almost every agency does two things: Raise awareness and raise funds...