Marc Pitman

Marc Pitman
Mental vs Physical: Are You Skipping One of the Two Creations?

So many nonprofit leaders get into this sector because they are good at filling needs. They get so good at doing that they draw other people into their orbit. Because they’ve been good at doing, they just keep “doing” and think this is what nonprofit work is about...

3 Tweaks to Get Your Fundraising Back on Track

It can be awful doing the work, even having actual meetings with major donors, and still not have the fundraising results you expect. Here are three tweaks I find help my coaching clients get back on track to reaching their fundraising goals.

You Know You Have to Ask but for How Much?

Wouldn’t it be great to have some objective way to mechanically ask new people for a gift? We could just “know” that we’re asking the right amount.

No One Is 'Off the Hook' From Fundraising

Executive directors and CEOs have an incredibly challenging job. In my ongoing research with nonprofit executives, they often tell me that boards hire the nonprofit leader to be a fundraiser, but they don’t allow the leader to staff the nonprofit in a way that frees her up to fundraise. As a result, many nonprofit executives find that constantly “putting out fires” crowds out strategic activities like donor involvement.

Are Fundraisers Stupid?

If we do our jobs well, we will not be at our seats all the time — and that might not sit well around the office. A simple call sheet could help with your "impression management."

FREE “Ask Without Fear!” Teleclass

April 21, 2009, Fundraising Coach — Since this month marks the 1 year anniversary of the publication of “Ask Without Fear!“, I’m deciding to have a party!

Do You Ask on the First Date?

Your nonprofit needs you to have the courage to fundraise. I’m surprised how often I need to remind fundraisers that their job is to raise funds. That is true for CEOs and executive directors too. Here’s hoping these two approaches will help you ask without fear and see your mission fully funded!