Laurence Pagnoni

Laurence Pagnoni

Laurence is author of “The Nonprofit Fundraising Solution,” the first book on fundraising ever published by the American Management Association. He is Chairman of LAPA Fundraising serving nonprofits throughout the U.S. and Europe.

3-Week Countdown to #GivingTuesdayNow

You may be hesitant about fundraising in general right now because of high unemployment and the fragility of many people’s health.

Small Strides to Big Legacy Payoffs

In order for planned giving to be effective, regularly identify, cultivate, educate, meet with and solicit donors over 55 years of age.

A Comprehensive Guide to Your Year-End Drive, Part 3

The second year-end appeal letter is focused on donors who have not yet responded to the first appeal. The donor should receive the second letter on December 26. It is critical that you update your database daily as the mail comes in.

A Comprehensive Guide to Your Year-End Drive, Part 2

How much is the year-end goal that are you raising? Also, what percentage of those funds are part of your whole budget? State these facts as a way to inform the donor about how their gift fits into the whole.

Why Celebrate the Labor of Fundraisers?

On the heels of celebrating Labor Day, don’t forget to include yourself as a fundraiser. What you do as a fundraiser brings quality education to inner-city students that need it most. It improves a local animal shelter, where pet adoptions give animals a second chance and make families whole.

‘Do Not Apply’: 5 Ways Around This Private Foundation Roadblock

The three dreaded words for grant officers, “Do not apply — DNA.” They appear on private foundation profiles more often these days than ever before. Most annoying is that the funder seems particularly aligned with your mission. “If I could only get close to them, I would know the perfect thing to say,” you tell your CEO.