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Kevin Schulman is founder and managing partner at DonorVoice.

Data degrades about 2% per month, meaning your database could become a frightening place filled with stale, duplicated and unusable data. Melissa can help you reconnect with lost donors, deduplicate your database, and reduce fraud by making sure your data is up to date and accurate. Just send us 50 contact records, and we can show you how we can cleanse, append and enrich your data.

Almost every organization has a strategic plan, but most ignore them in everyday activities. Here's why, plus how to stay true to your plan.

Donor Acquisition is the cornerstone of organizational vitality, a crucial endeavor that goes beyond mere survival. It’s about forging meaningful connections with fresh faces, expanding your donor base, and amplifying your influence in the community. Our collective challenge is clear: how do we reverse the national decline in donor acquisition? The answer lies within the pages of this indispensable guide. Download now!

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