Jai McBride Calloway, J.D.

Jai McBride Calloway, J.D.

Jai McBride Calloway is the director of diversity, equity and inclusion at Exude Inc. In her role, Jai is responsible for overseeing diversity, equity and inclusion strategies across the firm’s practice area.

Prior to joining Exude, Jai served as the ombuds for Halliburton Oil Services’ global dispute resolution program. Her transformative approach to DEI strategy utilizes dispute resolution methodology and organizational development theory to redefine the way people work together by harnessing the power of difference.

Jai earned her Bachelor of Science in sociology from the University of New Mexico. She holds a Master of Science in administration of justice from Texas Southern University, J.D. from South Texas College of Law and a master’s degree in dispute resolution from Pepperdine Caruso School of Law.

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