Jeff Schreifels

Jeff Schreifels

If you like baseball, tennis, golf, Gregorian chant, jazz, rock, good wine and deep conversation, then you’ll like to hang out with Jeff. 

If you are passionate about fundraising, Jeff will inspire you to be a true “broker of love” for your donors, helping you bring together a donor’s desire to change the world and the world’s greatest needs. Jeff believes that if nonprofits truly want to grow and obtain more net revenue for their mission, it will come through creating, building and successfully managing major-gift programs. The Connections blog will give you inspiration and practical advice to help you succeed. Jeff has more than 25 years of nonprofit fundraising experience and is senior partner of the Veritus Group.

Getting Staff Buy-In for a Culture of Philanthropy

Almost every good business book over the past two decades has at least one chapter devoted to company culture and making sure you have staff buy-in to the overall vision of the company. But, it's been difficult for nonprofits. Here is how you get there.

7 Ways To Stand Out With Your Donors

Your donors probably each has at least five other organizations trying to capture their attention and another 10 to 15 organizations wanting to start relationships with them. So, what are you doing to stand out in your donors' minds, capture their heart and have them always take your call?

Do a Gut Check With Your Donor Portfolio

If you’ve never done this gut-check exercise, I urge you to do this immediately. Even if you have 150 donors in your portfolio right now — the maximum number of donors in a qualified portfolio — my guess is that over half of them would not pass the gut-check test.

Get Your Hands Dirty To Understand Your Mission

Many times, in the nonprofit space, we hire mid-level, major and planned giving officers and never require or expect those front-line fundraisers to literally place themselves in the need that the nonprofit is addressing. This is a fatal mistake.

Do You Know Your Donor?

You and I have a desire to be connected to others and when that other person shows you that they know you, that connection strengthens. Even when you may not know the other person that well, a personal touch will immediately strengthen that relationship...

Ask Yourself: Why Am I Doing This Work?

I’ve been reminded recently about how inspiring and refreshing it is to sit with someone who loves their life’s work. At the same, I know how painful it is to listen to someone who is working in a position that neither fits them nor brings them any joy...

Donor Fatigue Is a Myth

It’s amazing to me the wild stories nonprofit leaders and fundraisers make up in their heads about why donors are not giving. It’s like you’re trying to develop excuses not to go out and fundraise — and you’re a fundraiser!...

Love Your Donor for Life

We have a number of major donors in our database that, because of their age or illness have stopped giving, but over their lifetime have made significant gifts to our organization. I feel like we can’t just forget about these people, but what should I do?...

Avoid the Triple Whammy: How a Mid-Level Program Can Save Major Gifts

Typically, we see clogs in that pipeline in the mid-level range of giving. Donors get stuck at a mid-level point of giving because even though they are giving at higher levels, nonprofits are still cultivating them like a $20 donor. So, the major gift program suffers because you’re not feeding major gifts a healthy diet of qualified major donors...

Are You Reporting Donor Impact to Your Staff?

You know how Richard and I are always talking to you about reporting back to your donor the impact their gifts are making, right? And the reason we do it is that the lack of reporting back is still the No. 1 reason why donors stop giving to you...

There Is Enough to Give

If you could do your work as a fundraiser from a mindset of abundance rather than scarcity, you would love your job. In our western, white male-dominated culture in North America, the view we grow up with is that there is not enough, and, therefore, we should get as much as we can for ourselves before someone else gets it...

Why You Need Consistent Communication

One of the pushbacks we get from MGOs about “The Veritus Way” is the need to create at least one touchpoint per month per donor.

What Can You Change?

You will be able to find articles, blog posts, conference presentations and retreats centered on creating a culture of philanthropy.