Jeff Schreifels

Jeff Schreifels

Jeff Schreifels is the principal owner of Veritus Group — an agency that partners with nonprofits to create, build and manage mid-level fundraising, major gifts and planned giving programs. In his 32-plus year career, Jeff has worked with hundreds of nonprofits, helping to raise more than $400 million in revenue.

How to Prepare for a Summer Fiscal Year-End

For many organizations, a big part of your summer planning is focused on the fiscal year-end. But before you get too deep into your fiscal year-end preparations, I wanted to share a few reminders and tips to help you keep this time of year strategic and relationship-focused for your donors. 

How to Create Your Caseload Communication Plan in 2 Hours or Less

Creating individualized 12-month communication plans for all 150 donors on your major gifts caseload to a fundraiser may initially sound like a lot of touch points to create. But the truth is you can create the vast majority of your planning for each donor in less time than you think.

Every Fundraiser Needs a Coach

We admire the “self-made,” yet, it’s a myth. Embrace the fact that all of us need a coach to guide us in our work and in our lives.

5 Ways You Can Become a Better Frontline Fundraiser

If you’re a good frontline fundraiser, you’re always seeking to learn how to do your craft better. Every excellent fundraiser I’ve known is constantly learning, always curious and eager to improve their skills.