Jeff Schreifels

Jeff Schreifels

If you like baseball, tennis, golf, Gregorian chant, jazz, rock, good wine and deep conversation, then you’ll like to hang out with Jeff. 

If you are passionate about fundraising, Jeff will inspire you to be a true “broker of love” for your donors, helping you bring together a donor’s desire to change the world and the world’s greatest needs. Jeff believes that if nonprofits truly want to grow and obtain more net revenue for their mission, it will come through creating, building and successfully managing major-gift programs. The Connections blog will give you inspiration and practical advice to help you succeed. Jeff has more than 25 years of nonprofit fundraising experience and is senior partner of the Veritus Group.

Why You Need Consistent Communication

One of the pushbacks we get from MGOs about “The Veritus Way” is the need to create at least one touchpoint per month per donor.

What Can You Change?

You will be able to find articles, blog posts, conference presentations and retreats centered on creating a culture of philanthropy.

‘I Don’t Have Time for Major Gifts’

Most nonprofits do not value major gifts and the work it takes to develop one-on-one relationships with donors. If they did, you would see everyone focusing on it.

What Impact Are You Making on Your Donor?

At Veritus, we believe that creating strategic plans for every donor in your portfolio is critical. All 240 major gift officers who we directly work with all have a plan that will guide them toward achieving their revenue goals.

A Gala Is Not Philanthropy

A gala is not major gift fundraising, nor does it really have anything to do with philanthropy. A gala is a way that nonprofits bring in cash—and in rare cases, enough net revenue to justify having one.

Increasing Donor Impact: Your Donors Want Choices

Several months ago, I was sitting around a conference table with a prospective client talking about the process we needed to take to create our donor impact portfolio. When complete, the donor impact portfolio is a list of all the nonprofit organization’s programs and projects...

There Is No Secret Sauce: Build a Relationship, See Growth

When we talk to leaders, managers and major gift officers on why they believe they are not seeing growth, it’s apparent by their answers, which leads us to one major conclusion: There is no real relationship with the donor...

Sometimes You Need to Move on From a Unqualified Donor

First, don’t put an unqualified donor into your portfolio. Put them in another category called a “To Be Qualified” list. This way, you and your manager will not put revenue goals or expectations on you or the donor...

How Do You Acquire Major Donors?

How are you acquiring major donors? If you are concerned about your major gift pipeline, start reviewing how you are currently bringing in new donors and spend the time and energy it takes to start filling that pipeline. Years from now, you will reap that investment...

Are You Caught in the Major Gift Chaos?

When Richard and I are out talking to prospective clients, one of the questions they often ask us is, “For the clients you have worked with who were not successful, what was one of the contributing factors?” We love this question...

Don’t Be Persistent Your Donors… Be Consistent

I think I’m changing my language on how a major gift officer’s approach with a donor who is difficult to engage should be. For years, both Richard and I have said you should be patient, yet persistent with a donor… eventually you will come together...