The Year-End Fundraising Cheat Sheet

The Year-End Fundraising Cheat Sheet invites you to plan your year-end strategy around the donor engagement cycle. When you tap into your donors’ natural giving rhythms and feelings of generosity around year-end, they feel more connected to your mission and more likely to give — and DonorPerfect is here to help!

6 Important Steps to Building Lasting Donor Relationships

Donors are the lifeblood of any nonprofit. But how do you strengthen their connection to your cause, so they contribute year-over-year? This eBook outlines 6 areas on how to continue to serve your mission successfully, while growing and nurturing lasting relationships with current and new donors. And, when implemented, can help recurring donations increase year over year.

Get Ready for Your 2023 Golf Fundraiser!

Make your 2023 golf fundraiser the best one yet and get a jump on event prep with this free planning timeline and checklist! Find out what to do, when to do it, get helpful tips and ideas to ensure a successful and lucrative fundraiser. Plus, learn how golf event tech is key to saving time and raising more money for your mission.

The 12 Best Fundraising Tools for Nonprofits

In this guide, we cover our list of the top twelve fundraising tools for nonprofits, questions to ask when shopping for fundraising technology, and key features that drive results. If you’re looking to maximize the effectiveness of your outreach campaigns, or invigorate your existing efforts with fresh ideas, this free downloadable guide is just what you need!

The Art of Thanking Your Donors

This month's edition focuses on expressing gratitude to the donors and supporters of your organization.

Get Reintroduced to Data Axle Nonprofit

We have exciting news. Data Axle Nonprofit has a brand new website. We’ve updated and streamlined our new website to better demonstrate how we help our clients achieve their mission goals. Learn more about our expanding products and services, access industry-leading educational content, and connect with our team of experts.

9 Best Practices to Prevent Fraud and Have Successful Audits

This is Fraud Awareness Week, and preventing fraud goes hand in hand with protecting your most valuable asset—your reputation. Watch this video for the latest fraud detection tactics and proven best practices for successful audits.

FREE 2023 Nonprofit Salaries Guide

The nonprofit industry is the third-largest employer in North America, employing roughly 1 out of every 10 working Americans. We're heading into a recession in 2023, so how can your nonprofit ensure that you are offering competitive compensation to attract and retain the top talent that will get you through it? Download Keela's 2023 Nonprofit Salaries Guide to find out!

The Year-End Fundraising Cheat Sheet

The Year-End Fundraising Cheat Sheet invites you to plan your strategy around the donor engagement cycle to tap into your donors’ natural giving rhythms.

Smart, Sharp Tools For Quality Fundraising Data

Make 2023 a year of growth and enhance your fundraising data with Melissa’s smart, sharp data quality tools! Learn how Melissa can help you verify global address and contact information to stay in touch with donors, create mailing lists to expand your outreach to the best possible supporters, and keep your funds secure with eIDV by downloading our new Solutions Catalog today!

Discover a Great Way to Segment Your Donors and Prospects

Download this eBook to see an easy-to-understand way you can segment your donors and prospects. For a limited time, 5W will append effective segments to your donors for FREE and provide a report illustrating your best and worst personas. You’ll also learn how to create selects and tailor content that increases your response rates and donations.

Five Questions to Ask When Switching CRMs

November 16 at 1:00 PM: Switching nonprofit CRMs can seem like an overwhelming task. Where should you begin? CharityEngine’s Erik Hartwig walks nonprofits through the five questions they should ask potential vendors to make sure what they’re offering is what your organization needs. There’s also one big red flag to avoid! Tune into our webinar to learn the five questions you should ask when you’re switching CRMs.

Create Reports Funders Want to See

In 2022, we asked foundations, charitable trusts, and corporate giving programs what all nonprofits want to know: how do funders make funding decisions? Their decision-making, we discovered, is driven mainly by how nonprofits develop and create reports. Explore the eBook to evolve your reporting and appeal to more funders.

5 Stats for #GivingTuesday Growth

With this infographic, you’ll have insights into data including donor trends, giving trends, popular traffic channels, and more.

Email Deliverability Guide—What Nonprofits Need to Know

Email deliverability isn't something many of us consider...until our emails are labeled as spam. Check out our tips to ensure your emails land in inboxes where they belong. Download the Email Deliverability Guide today!