Pat Farrell

Pat Farrell
FREE & VIRTUAL: DonorPerfect Community Conference

Your organization has a story worth sharing! Dive into the power of storytelling through our free virtual conference on June 7 & 8, 2022, where you’ll learn from fellow fundraisers, expert consultants, and trainers as they give away their secrets for telling your community about your impact.

Social Media Strategies for Nonprofits

Your nonprofit likely has a social media presence. You post to raise awareness for your mission and to gain more donors and volunteers. What goals do you have for your social media? Do you feel like you have an optimal plan and strategy to get the most out of your likely limited time investment? Download our guide to help you answer those questions!

FREE Template: Hybrid Event Planning

Reach and engage more supporters by planning the perfect hybrid event. This free template lays out a timeline of what steps to take in the months, weeks, and days leading up to and following your next event. Use it to help your team visualize how much work needs to be done and what should be prioritized to ensure everything goes off without a hitch.

Free Fundraising Guide: Get Crypto Gifts in 2022

US donors gave $500M+ to charity in cryptocurrencies last year. Don’t let your organization be left behind. Tap into this new, powerful form of giving with this guide. You’ll learn the basics of crypto, fundraising best practices, and how you can craft effective appeals to crypto donors. Templates included.

Expert Tips On Branding & Marketing Your Nonprofit

In this edition, we take on nonprofit branding and marketing, and highlight the critical elements that all nonprofits need to know now. Expensive design, strategy, and marketing are no longer the norm. Nonprofits now have affordable, accessible resources available, and it is more important than ever to show up well to capture your share of voice. To learn more, check out the advice of the experts featured in this month's ZGIVE INSIDER magazine.

Important Dates with Strategies to Steward Donors

Your fundraising success starts by putting your annual fundraising campaign(s) calendar together. It can be really fun to identify the key dates and event timelines that you will build out to help you reach your nonprofit’s revenue goals. But...then what? What else can you do during the rest of the year?

The Overwhelming Issues Facing Nonprofits: An Executive Roundtable

Join us for a virtual executive roundtable in which top industry thought leaders discuss the overwhelming issues nonprofit leaders face in 2022. This insights-rich panel will dive into these hot topics and how to get ahead of complex challenges like increased demand, staffing shortages, and looming budget cuts. Limited seats available - secure yours today.

How To Raise More Dollars From Your Golf Fundraiser

Level up your golf tournament’s fundraising power! Download this free guide to find out how to maximize sponsorships that raise dollars and forge corporate partnerships, leverage the generosity of golfers to make additional donations, and provide extras that enhance the tournament’s fun and excitement.

Free Resource: Grant Application Management Template

Managing one grant application is a challenge. Managing multiple applications is a headache. Use the grant application management template to see what grant applications are in process, approved, or rejected as well as break down the to-dos for each grant from the initial application to reporting requirements. Never miss out on a funding opportunity again. Download Now.

Best Practices for Connecting with Charitable Donors

Between the pandemic, paper shortage and postal slowdown, nonprofits have had to remain nimble to continue to reach and engage prospective donors. Data Axle surveyed 1,200+ charitable donors and gleaned insights into their behaviors and preferences – including how they like to give, why they remain loyal, their legacy giving plans, and more. Download this report for data-driven best practices to ensure your mission resonates with today’s donors.

Nonprofits Are Facing New Challenges. Can Insurance Help?

Philadelphia Insurance Companies (PHLY) is proud to partner with NonProfit Pro to provide the 2021 Research report: “Challenges, Opportunities, and Insurance Buying Trends in the Nonprofit Industry 2021.” Download your FREE report to learn about the current challenges and impact of COVID-19 on this sector.

Your Data-Driven Donor Persona Checklist

Studies show that today’s donors want a close connection to the causes they support. To learn what motivates them and personalize your engagements, here’s Your Data-Driven Donor Persona Checklist to make it simple.

Key Statistics in 2022 Nonprofit Research Study

Did you know that almost two thirds of nonprofits are less efficient because they use 6-8 different tools to get the job done? Download the 2022 Nonprofit Research Study for key statistics on operations throughout the nonprofit sector, including the pandemic's effect, staffing, tech adoption, strategic investments and more.

Evaluating Nonprofit Software: A Guided Workbook for Your Project

Is your nonprofit considering investing in a new software solution? While a thoughtful evaluation process takes time, it pays dividends when making a technology decision. Use this workbook and the included resources to guide your planning, evaluation, and decision-making activities as you explore the best solution for your nonprofit.