Steve Maclaughlin

Steve Maclaughlin

Steve MacLaughlin is the vice president of data and analytics at Blackbaud and best-selling author of “Data Driven Nonprofits.” Steve has spent 20-plus years driving innovation with a broad range of companies, government institutions and nonprofit organizations. He serves on the board of the Nonprofit Technology Network and is a frequent speaker at conferences and events. Steve earned both his undergraduate degree and a Master of Science degree in interactive media from Indiana University.

Donor Retention and an Oprah Winfrey Moment

Hold on to your seat — you are in for a big surprise. Come with me as we explore new insight into donor retention. And there’s a free prize inside, too. Right now, I am going to give your organization 100 brand new donors; and you get 100 new donors; and you get 100 new donors; and you get 100 new donors. This is my Oprah moment — don’t spoil it...

The End of the Beginning for Online Giving

2019 marks 20 years since online giving first began in any significant way. In 1999, Blackbaud pioneered the nonprofit technology market by introducing reliable, secure and donor-friendly online donation forms. Fast forward 20 years, online giving now represents tens of billions of dollars...

Not All Data Is Good Data: Leveraging Technology for Nonprofit Benchmarking

Nonprofit organizations are vital to making meaningful change in the world and they have significant amounts of untapped potential in their data. But why do some nonprofits struggle to use data while others have successfully harnessed information to drive better decision making?...

A Balancing Act: The Art and Science of Fundraising Through Analytics

In the age of “Big Data,” countless companies and organizations are turning their wealth of data into an extremely valuable asset. In the commercial world, Big Data, machine learning and artificial intelligence are turning data into actionable insights. Big Data really has moved from being a buzzword to being mission-critical...

Online Giving: A Larger Piece of the Fundraising Pie

Online giving continues to lead the changing nature of fundraising with social and mobile channels now emerging as well. Thankfully there is useful information that is actionable for all nonprofits.

Are You Counting or Are You Measuring?

Our everyday lives are full of numbers and metrics. The hours and minutes on the alarm clock. The temperature of the water that hits our face. The expiration date on the milk. The distance to our offices. The posted speed limit on the road. The number of e-mails waiting in the inbox. We live in a sea of things that can be counted and metrics that can be measured.

Blackbaud 2009 Online Giving Trends — Q2

July 2, 2009 —  The first half of 2009 is now over and we have some updated information about online giving trends from Blackbaud clients to share. This is a follow-up to the Q1 2009 Online Giving Trends information that was released in April. This information comes from approximately 2,000 nonprofit organizations using Blackbaud's Internet solutions and represents the largest sample size studied in the nonprofit sector.

Embracing Nonprofit 2.0 in Your Organization

With Web 2.0, as with all emerging technologies, there is a fine balance with what to use, what to lose and where to start. What is clear though, is that nonprofits need to embrace these technologies to take themselves to the next level. I recently had the opportunity to participate in an event hosted by a forward-thinking nonprofit organization that invited its technology partners to an open discussion about Internet trends in the nonprofit industry. As I prepared for the discussion, I jotted down four key concepts every nonprofit should embrace when thinking about where technology and