2024 Nonprofit Trends Report

The Community Brands Nonprofit Solutions 2024 Research Study shows successful, forward-thinking nonprofits are leading the change to improve and innovate. While organizations have many challenges to overcome, they are determined to capitalize on new opportunities and find unique ways to reach the communities they serve and achieve their missions. We surveyed 1,000 senior nonprofit leaders on topics like technology usage, sustainability, fundraising, automation, cloud technology, and more to understand how nonprofits are overcoming operational challenges.

The Impact Report: A Vital Tool in the Nonprofit’s Toolbox

An impact report serves the inherent need donors or prospective donors have in knowing how their donation has helped/can help the cause they care about, and it serves stakeholders by providing transparency into their activities. Nonprofits of all shapes and sizes would benefit from producing an annual or every-other-year impact report.

Halt Declining Retention Rates Today

Discover the secrets to boosting donor retention and revitalizing your nonprofit in this guide, "Unlock the Secrets of Nonprofit Success: A Strategic Guide to Boost Your Donor Retention Game." Increasing donor retention rates by just 10% can result in a substantial 200% surge in the lifetime value of donors according to the Harvard Business Review. How can we counter the national decline in donor retention? The solution unfolds within the pages of this indispensable guide.

New Finance & Fundraising Trends Report

Download this report for new data, trends and insights from 1,000 nonprofit leaders on the state of nonprofit operations, fundraising strategies, automation and mission impact.

Protection for Non-profit Educational Institutions

Philadelphia Insurance Companies provides specialized, innovative protection to educational institutions in the non-profit and human services space. Coverages include private, academic, religious, vocational and charter schools. PHLY offers separate limits for General Liability, Educators Professional and Cyber Liability, Abuse & Molestation. Learn more. Experience the PHLY difference.

NEW TEMPLATE: Year-round Fundraising Plan

Planning a year full of engaging, revenue-driving fundraising campaigns can be overwhelming. But have no fear! Maximize your mission year-round with a fundraising calendar template, monthly campaign ideas to spark planning, and a step-by-step guide for success.

AI for Everyone: Working for Good Made Easy

BoodleBox makes working with generative AI easy for every role in your nonprofit. Draft proposals, research donors, craft stories, or delegate any task to your AI team effortlessly. Our guided training, consolidation of top AIs, and nonprofit-focused AI assistants help you adopt AI up to 3X faster and boost productivity by up to 67%. Experience the AI built for every nonprofit. Try BoodleBox free today.

The Ultimate List of 650+ Live & Silent Auction Item Ideas!

One of the most critical elements for your live, silent, or hybrid auction success is making sure that the items you're putting up for bid are irresistible. Need great ideas to spell success for your live and silent auctions? Download The Ultimate A-to-Z List of Live & Silent Auction Item Ideas for Benefit Auction Success to access over 650 auction item ideas that will captivate and delight your guests! Get started on brainstorming for your auction today.

Your Guided Growth Plan

Find new donors now! Your Guided Growth Plan provides beginner, intermediate, and advanced steps to connect with people who are passionate about your mission, ASAP. Experts from DonorPerfect and Positive Equation are here to make growing easy, no matter where you are on your fundraising journey.

The 2024 Recurring Giving Report

From 2018 to 2022, the average nonprofit’s recurring donor base grew 127 percent! Recurring donors are easy to retain, highly engaged, and deeply connected to the causes they love. If you want to expand your recurring giving program, this resource is for you. Download now to access benchmarks, donor insights, data-backed strategies, and advice from industry fundraising experts. 

7 Bonterra Impact Management Success Stories

Comprehensive technology is key to increasing staff capacity, crafting a more compelling impact story, boosting outcomes, and more. But these benefits can look different for every organization, making it hard to conceptualize what they might look like for you and your community. Download this collection of impact stories to hear firsthand how having a comprehensive solution like Bonterra Impact Management has helped organizations like yours meet and exceed these goals.

Make Positive Change With Verified Legislator Data

Access the most accurate elected official contact information to power your fundraising, petition, and awareness campaigns. Cicero data includes present, previous, and incoming elected official district, address, phone and even social media information! It’s great for moving legislative issues forward, identifying opportunities for grants, and mobilizing members in targeted areas. Plus, it’s an easy API for integration into any platform you already use. Data available for the US, Canada, UK, Australia, Mexico, and New Zealand.

Increase Fundraising With Donor-Centric Websites

Join us on Thursday, June 6th at 2pm ET for an exclusive webinar designed for nonprofits leaders like you, featuring Chris Miele, President of Golden Retriever Foundation. Discover new techniques to increase your online presence and significantly boost your fundraising efforts. Learn how to create engaging, donor-centric websites that captivate and retain supporters. Gain insights into designing seamless and memorable online giving journeys that increase donations, and transform hours of data entry into mere seconds. Register now!

Bonterra Impact Management Buyer's Guide

Now more than ever, nonprofits are expected to do more with less, facing increased demands for services, efficiency, and impact reporting. With the right software, organizations can overcome these challenges, preventing staff burnout and decreased funding. Before you can find the right solution, it’s important to determine your organization’s unique needs, ask the right questions of potential software providers, and secure support for the project. Download the guide to learn more about the procurement process.

COMPLETE GUIDE: AI Adoption for Nonprofits

This guide will pull back the curtain to AI for nonprofits, sharing everything you need to know about incorporating it into your organization. Dive into ethical AI adoption, everyday AI use cases, and popular AI tools for nonprofits and how to use them.