Rita Sever

Rita Sever

Rita Sever brings a unified approach to human resources and organizational development. Rita offers training, consulting and coaching through her business, Supervision Matters. She works with individuals, teams, leaders and the entire agency to improve the culture and practice of supervision, helping individuals and organizations thrive and fulfill their mission.

Rita has an Master’s of Arts in organizational psychology. She has worked in and with nonprofits for more than 30 years and has taught “HR in Nonprofits” at the University of San Francisco and Sonoma State University in California.

Rita’s newest book is entitled “Leading for Justice: Supervision, HR and Culture.”

Danger: How To Stop Bias From Sneaking Into Your Organization

If we are not aware of how it can sneak into our organizations, we can’t respond to it. The truth is that bias is already lurking inside our organizations — and inside ourselves. If we know where to look, we will be much better prepared to respond to the danger...