Jeff Brooks

Jeff Brooks
Motivating Donors to Give — and Give Happily

I have scary news for you: Brand Experts are looking for you. These slick professionals from the commercial world see your organization the way a hungry lion sees an overweight, three-legged zebra. They’re salivating at the prospect of creating a new brand for you.

A Blast From the Past: Branding, Fundraising Living in Harmony (July 2011)

Here's how it goes: The brand expert says the fundraising campaigns that generate most of your organization's revenue are "undermining the brand." More precisely, fundraising messages don't use the right fonts, aren't faithful to the color pallet and fail to focus on the Statement of Brand Personality.

A Blast From the Past: Fundraising From Yourself (July 2010)

It takes a real self-abnegation to do fundraising right. It takes discipline and focus to put aside your own preferences instead of donors'. Fundraising from yourself is the easy, feel-good path. But it won't feel so good when the zombies of failure start gnawing on your revenue.

Fundraiser or Faker?

Here are some of the signs that give fakers away, so you can avoid the costly mistake of shackling yourself to a faker when you need a fundraiser.

Book Excerpt: Plain, Corny and Obvious

Through close observation, fundraisers have discovered three "Design Laws" — practices that, if we follow them well, encourage our fundraising messages to bear fruit. Those laws are: Make it plain; make it corny; make it obvious.

Stop Trying to Teach Goldfish to Juggle

As far as we fundraisers are concerned, there are two kinds of people in the world: Donors and non-donors. These two groups are so different from each other that they might as well live in different worlds — which, in a way, they do.

6 Ways Your Boss Is Wrong

Is your boss killing your fundraising? If so, you aren't alone. Based on what I hear again and again from friends all over the fundraising world, it seems bad direction from bosses (or board members) is a 
leading cause of ineffective fundraising.