Nancy Schwartz

Nancy Schwartz
5 Ways to Get Personal and Get Relevant

Getting personal in your fundraising communications is key to strong relationships with prospects and supporters. Here are five techniques that are doable for you no matter what’s on your to-do list.

Devil's Advocate

Follow this 11-step path to turn your devil’s advocate into a productive partner. Let me know how it goes!

Tell It! (Or Better Yet ... Don't!)

There’s no better way to build interest, increase engagement and get gifts than letting your supporters, beneficiaries and partners do the talking via testimonials.

8 Must-Do Fundraising Changes to Make Now

Now's the time to outline the right things for your organization's fundraising/marketing team to do this year. But to do it well, you have to get what's going on outside your organization as well as within it.

Laugh a Little!

It can be hard to get the OK to use humor, especially when it deviates significantly from your organization's usual tone or it's the first time. It's tough but worth the effort.

8 Steps to a Team of Powerful Messengers

Your organization too can benefit hugely by pioneering an all-org fundraising message team. Here are eight steps to a team of powerful messengers.

Getting to Aha!

Relevance is the heart of memorable, motivating fundraising messages — "aha! messages." If your messages are irrelevant (more than seven of 10 nonprofits describe their messages as off target), your organization will fail to motivate the gifts and loyalty you need to move your mission forward.

Why Nonprofit Marketing Matters

Marketing is how your organization builds and strengthens your relationships with the people whose help you need to move your mission forward, as donors, partners, volunteers or in other roles.

4 Steps to Keeping the Love Alive

Follow these four steps for a fundraising/marcom partnership that breaks records in building understanding of your supporters and engaging them for the long run. And one that makes your daily to-do list more interesting than ever.